Personal Investment:

Equity is a significant asset class to contribute in the underlying growth story of the country, industry and company but investment in equity requires in depth knowledge and analysis about different variables which an investor finds difficult to process.

Despite being a beginner with a small amount to invest, one will still be able to benefit from clear and simple information tools for the understanding, demonstrations to help when get started and research re-written in easier language. Padma Bank Securities Ltd will hold regular seminars and in house knowledge sessions for the beginners.

Why invest in stocks?

  • Proud ownership
  • Higher return than other type of investments
  • Return is directly connected to the growth of the economy as well as growth of the company whose share is purchased
  • Investing in stock works as a better inflation hedge
  • Stocks provide better liquidity
  • Capital gain is tax free & tax rebate facility for stock investment


Investment in IPO was never as easy as it is now with Padma Bank Securities Ltd. You don't need to stand in the line for hours with your application. Rather, with the online interface provided by Padma Bank Securities Ltd, you can invest in IPO online irrespective of your position. For investing in IPO, just select the IPO and your IPO will be processed automatically. In other words, once you submit your IPO application form, we will take care of the rest and you can come physically in our office and fill the IPO application form, we will do the rest for you.


Benefits of Padma Bank Securities Ltd IPO:

  • No paper work if applied online
  • Don't have to stand in long queue under the sun and rain
  • Through BEFTN (Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network), you can instantly transfer and withdraw fund
  • Successful or unsuccessful application will be notified via e-mail and no hassle for collecting refund warrant or share allotment letter
  • The whole process will be ended within 21 days
  • No hidden charges
  • No processing fees

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